Soft Road Apps was founded as the pioneering Japanese IT company in Serbia, operating as a subsidiary of SRA holdings Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo.

Over the past five years, the company has been actively engaged in numerous projects, focusing on the development of cutting-edge technologies.

Collaborating closely with our offices in Europe, the USA, and Japan, Soft Road Apps has successfully delivered innovative solutions to clients worldwide.

Our Team

Consisting of highly competent, skilled, young software developers and multilingual staff, we provide support to our clients in 3 different languages.

Our team brings together expertise in software development, robotic process automation and system maintenance.

In order to achieve efficient and effective software development, we are well-versed in agile development methodologies and possess a strong proficiency in a diverse range of programming languages.

Our goal

Our aim is not only to expand and develop the business that the SRA Group has developed so far, but also to develop new systems and applications using the latest technologies.

Soft Road Apps aims to further the practical application of information technology and contribute to industrial development.

Global positioning